Machine vision control is a constantly evolving technology that enables the quality of manufactured products to be monitored with great precision and efficiency. New trends regularly emerge in this field, and have a significant impact on the manufacturing industry. In this article, we explore the latest trends in machine vision control and their impact on the manufacturing industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for machine vision

AI is increasingly used in combination with machine vision to improve the quality of data analysis. Machine vision systems equipped with AI algorithms can recognize and sort defects with greater accuracy, helping to optimize production processes. What’s more, AI can learn from past defect patterns and help prevent future defects.

The miniaturization of machine vision cameras

Machine vision cameras have evolved considerably in recent years, with a trend towards miniaturization. Smaller cameras allow greater flexibility and easy installation in tight spaces. This also makes machine vision systems more affordable and more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

The rise of 3D vision

3D vision is an increasingly popular trend in machine vision. 3D vision enables more detailed analysis of product geometry and dimensions, which is particularly useful for complex production processes such as part machining. 3D vision is also useful for measurement, shape recognition and positioning applications.

Machine vision connectivity

Connectivity has become a major trend in the manufacturing industry, with the need to connect different devices and systems to optimize production processes. Machine vision systems are no exception. New trends in connectivity include the use of IoT (Internet of Things) and wireless communication to connect machine vision systems to other devices and systems, enabling better production management and control.

In conclusion, trends in machine vision control are constantly evolving. The use of AI, camera miniaturization, 3D vision and connectivity are key trends that are having a significant impact on the manufacturing industry. Companies that take advantage of these trends can optimize their production processes, improve product quality and remain competitive in the marketplace.

machine vision system

DEEP CAPTURE, deep learning machine vision software

Deep Capture is a software package developed by CIM Atlantique that uses deep learning to enhance the potential of machine vision applications. Deep learning uses so-called artificial neurons to teach a machine to solve problems automatically, without human intervention.

Deep Capture is the market leader in image analysis in an industrial environment, with unrivalled performance. It enables us to solve complex inspection problems that are usually beyond the reach of conventional machine vision systems.

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