In the industrial sector, there are now mobile robots, most of which are autonomous. They feature Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping, a kind of artificial intelligence. This gives them the ability to locate themselves and avoid obstacles in their path. These mobile robots represent a very practical idea that can prove really useful for any industrial professional. Want to find out more about this solution? Here’s everything you need to know about these mobile robots!

MIR100 Mobile industrial robot

The MIR100 Mobile Robot

Safe and cost-effective, the MIR100 mobile robot enables you to rapidly automate your internal logistics and transport processes. This robot improves workflow, freeing up cash for other activities. It reduces effort and manpower requirements, which represents an additional source of savings.

The MIR100 robot moves safely around people and obstacles. It is not only able to pass through doors, but also to use an elevator properly. What’s more, you don’t need to have any previous experience to use it, as it’s very easy to get to grips with.

MIR200 Mobile industrial robot

The MIR200 Mobile Robot

The MIR200 mobile robot can be used in almost any situation. With this solution, employees no longer have to push carts, for example, or make deliveries. You can now automate these tasks, freeing up your employees for more important activities. The MIR200 can independently transport loads of up to 200 kg (440 lb).

The MIR200 mobile robot moves autonomously, thanks to the mapping performed by its laser scanners. The MIR200 is very easy to use and program.

MIR500 Mobile industrial robot

The MIR500 Mobile Robot

The collaborative MIR500 maneuvers safely around people and physical obstacles. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and sophisticated software, the mobile robot navigates autonomously to find the most efficient route to its destination. When it encounters obstacles, it automatically redirects itself to avoid costly delays in logistics processes.

MIR500 is equipped with the latest laser scanning technology, providing a 360-degree view for optimum safety. The 3D cameras have a range of 30 to 2,000 mm above ground level for pallet detection.

MIR1000 Mobile industrial robot

The MIR1000 Mobile Robot

The collaborative and autonomous MIR1000 maneuvers safely around all kinds of obstacles. Even if someone walks directly in front of him, he’ll stop. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and high-performance software, the mobile robot can navigate autonomously and choose the most efficient route to its destination. When it encounters obstacles, the mobile robot automatically redirects itself to avoid stopping or delaying the delivery of materials.

The MIR1000 is equipped with the latest laser scanner technology and offers optimum security with 360-degree vision all around. Two front-mounted 3D cameras enable the robot to see from 30 to 2,000 mm above the ground. Two sensors in each corner enhance the mobile robot ‘s ability to see pallets and other obstacles that may be very low to the ground. The latter can escape the field of a less efficient robot.

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The flexibility of the MIR industrial mobile robot

MIR machines give you total control and ownership of the mobile robot right from the start. They are controlled by the MIR robot’s intuitive interface via smartphone, tablet or computer, and can be programmed according to previous experiments. The robot can be integrated into your ERP system, enabling you to create fully automated solutions. What’s more, it can be included in the MIR fleet alongside the rest of the MIR robots, so that they can be operated in the same fleet.

Depending on your needs, you can quickly and easily change their top modules. For example, they can be equipped with pallet forks, conveyors, a robotic arm or other applications to adapt to your current needs and make many tasks easier.