Special machine design to develop your industry.

Setting up an industry is no easy task. When an idea is innovative, it’s often difficult to get it off the ground. The main difficulty encountered is the lack, or at least the inadequacy, of the special machinery essential for setting up the industry. Fortunately, CIM Atlantique provides concrete, innovative and original solutions to the most recurrent technological challenges.

CIM Atlantique: a wealth of expertise in special machines

A special machine tailored to your needs

CIM Atlantique ‘s main objective is to customize a solution that fully satisfies your needs. To achieve this, all the special machines we manufacture are designed to scrupulously comply with the specifications provided by the customer, in order to provide a tailor-made solution.

Tailor-made solutions and flexibility

This rigor is made possible by strict adherence to our quality policy. CIM Atlantique combines flexibility with agility to achieve its objectives. This policy enables our company to adapt to all types of demand for special machine design.

The special machines designed by CIM Atlantique not only meet your standards, but also the specifications you specify in your order.

Expertise in special machines

CIM Atlantique can easily adapt to your special machine needs, thanks to its expertise in a wide range of assembly processes. These include screwing, gluing, welding, press-fitting and many others.

special machine design

We are able to provide flexible, customized solutions in special machines.

Examples of special machine design

special machine design
special machine design

Special assembly machine developed by CIM

special assembly machine

Mechanical Design Specialist

A mechanical engineering department for the design of special machines

CIM Atlantique has its own mechanical design office. We have a team of highly experienced special machine design engineers who can find solutions to your most complex problems. The team carries out the mechanical design and calculations using highly reliable CAD software: Inventor.

Designing scalable special-purpose machines

Here, as nowhere else, flexibility and versatility are the watchwords. Engineers think and design special machines with a certain futuristic industrial vision .

Special machines are therefore designed to incorporate future improvements as easily as possible. We can also change their series or even design them in new formats.

Support in defining your special machine

To reduce production time and costs, we offer a comprehensive catalog of special machines and standard accessories to help you narrow down your choice. These include rotary trays, supply systems and pick-and-place modules.

special machine design

We offer a wide range of services for industrial automation integration.

Optimized special machine design

We will design the various systems for your special machine. They include :

  • special linear transfer automatic assembly machines,
  • special automatic assembly machines with indexed rotary tables,
  • special semi-automatic assembly machines.

Solidity is one of our experts’ main design criteria. It’s possible to buy a special machine that works well, but breaks down after only a few uses.

The special machines supplied by CIM Atlantique are designed to withstand a wide range of hazards, and as a result have an impressive longevity.

CIM ATLANTIQUE is at your service

For advice or any questions regarding the design, development, installation, and maintenance of your robotic installations…

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Programming your special machines

Automation and special machines

Our automation specialists are all trained and competent to program your special machines to perfection. They can not only program machines, but also be called in to maintain all kinds of PLCs, whatever the brand.

To simplify the use of your equipment, our engineers will optimize the settings of your special machine. This optimization will also reduce the time needed to change formats or create new ones.

special machine design

Our latest model of special machines

Special machines: Pick and Place model

The latest type of special machine produced by CIM Atlantique is a Pick and Place model for bottles. This special machine uses specially developed CIM Tracking vision technology. The technology has been developed in Machine Learning and has the ability to precisely identify the different bottles in motion. This special new machine removes bottles from cartons or thermoformed trays. These flasks are then transferred into buckets.

This new special Pick and Place machine operates with two CODIAN delta robots. Each moves at a rate of 70 cps/min. The main advantage of this special machine is that it enables the user not only to make changes, but also to create formats quickly and easily.