The word cobotics is a fusion of the words cooperation, robotics and the concept of cooperative robotics. This technological approach aims to refine the action of traditional robots to achieve better cooperation between man and machine. However, many people are wondering about the various aspects of this technology. What is cobotics, and what are the advantages of using it?

Definition of cobotics

The cobotics represents a robotic solution designed to cooperate and interact with a human. Unlike the robotics cobotics aims to cooperate with man. Modern robots are called cobots. A cobot is not programmed to perform the same task repeatedly. So, whether guided in real time or parameterized in advance, it must collaborate and assist man.

There are three main categories of cobots. There are cobots controlled by an operator in the immediate vicinity of the system, remote-controlled cobots and exoskeletons. The latter have the particularity of assisting humans with physical tasks.

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It should also be added that in cobotics, man is in no way replaced by machine. It assists him in his work, providing the comfort, strength and precision needed to carry out his activities. In this way, the robot does not take away the operator’s ability to analyze and make decisions.

It should also be said that cobotics is a cross-disciplinary technology, as it calls on a wide range of skills. These include robotics, mechanics,automation, programming and algorithms. It also calls on the cognitive sciences to understand the individual’s reaction. This recent discipline also integrates ergonomics and biomechanics to adapt work, materials and the environment to the individual. It also uses risk management to minimize the dangers associated with this technology.

The benefits of using cobotics

Cobotics offer a number of advantages for production workshops. In the first instance, it provides a safety maximum the operator in carrying out the various manipulations. What’s more, the recently introduced cobot models are easier to handle. Learning how they work doesn’t require extensive training. Similarly, the use of this technology enables operators to entrust the most tiring tasks (handling, unloading, checking) to the machine. As a result, they can easily devote themselves to work that requires a great deal of thought. This enables improve productivity within a plant.

Thanks to their mobility options, cobots are ideal for small spaces. They also connect easily to digital equipment. Able to be guided by a tablet, these machines are very easy to handle, and can be used for both complicated and simple tasks. It is important to note that the tablet must be equipped with an emergency stop button.

It’s also worth mentioning that cobotics accentuates the relationship between man and machine by bringing them physically closer together. Similarly, when executing its tasks, the cobot adapts its speed to production needs. This avoids the risk of collisions.

This technology can be very cost-effective for your plant, as it is less expensive than conventional robotic technology. What’s more, cobots consume less energy than older robotic solutions.

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