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Depackers are used for loading and unloading bottle lids, caps and closures. In the past, these tools required manual labor to guarantee better results. Over time, a range of Depackers has been developed to meet this need. These are robotized Depackers, whose use is quite different from that of conventional models. Find out all you need to know about these Depackers.

Robotic depackers: what are they?

Visit Robotic depackers are designed to load bottles, caps, closures or lids into filling lines. They are developed on a standard basis and can be customized and adapted to the specific needs and limitations of your environment. They are generally designed for accept a large number of parts and formatswhile limiting format changeover times.

special machine design

What type of robot is used: DELTA, SCARA or 6-axis?

To ensure fast cycle times, the industrial robots integrated into the depacker are of the delta or SCARA type. There are also 6-axis robots for turning operations. The ADEPT/OMRON model is also being developed to enhance its capabilities. In the case of CODIAN mechanical construction, you can fit the motor of your choice. The robot’s axes are controlled directly by the machine’s PLC, so movements on the robot can be parameterized on the HMI, facilitating operator control. Depending on the production speed required and the parts to be processed, 1 or 2 robots are integrated into the machine base.

Depacker robot objectives

To reduce loading times and optimize machine cycle times, parts can be picked up at the special machine infeed, thanks to camera detection of part position and orientation on the conveyor belt. The
Deep Capture
software has been integrated to make things even easier. The tool is able to cope with variations in outdoor lighting. No special visual skills are required. Deep Capture makes supervised learning simple and intuitive. It also offers the best performance on the market for this type of machine vision application.

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Loading and unloading: what do robotic depackers have to offer?

Depending on the desiredautonomy, there are different types of storage norias. The most common system allows vertical storage on paddles or conveyors. Loading can also be carried out on a single or double conveyor.

For unloading, there are thermo stacker systems or outlets on gravity conveyors. For cardboard boxes, our range includes a compactor with a push system in a skip.

To manage bucketsupply and pitch, you can use our standard “pilgrim pitch”, whose feed is managed by a linear axis and whose comb is interchangeable. This gives you even greater flexibility when changing formats. Various standard modules can be integrated into this pilgrim step, such asplug-fitting and cap-screwing modules.

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Where can I find quality depackers?

CIM , support for industrial automation

If you’re looking for quality depackers that meet international standards, call on CIM Atlantique. We specialize in the design of rugged, highly efficient robotic depackers, and guarantee a service tailored to the specifics of your environment.