Machine vision is a technology increasingly used in industry for inspection, measurement andobject recognition. Let’s take a look at how machine vision systems work and what they can do for you.

How does a machine vision system work?

A machine vision system typically consists of a camera, image processing software and a computer or embedded system. The camera captures images of the objects to be inspected, which are then processed by the image processing software to detect object contours, colors and shapes. The image processing software uses algorithms to analyze images and identify objects to be inspected, measure their dimensions and detect defects.

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The benefits of machine vision systems

Machine vision systems offer many advantages for industry, including :

Inspection automation: Machine vision systems can automate object inspection, reducing human error and increasing inspection accuracy and reliability.

Time savings: Machine vision systems can inspect objects faster than manual inspection methods, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

Cost reduction: Machine vision systems can reduce inspection costs by eliminating the need for manual inspection labor, reducing production errors and increasing production efficiency.

Superior inspection: Machine vision systems offer superior inspection by detecting production defects such as cracks, scratches and distortions that may be difficult to detect by manual inspection.

Adaptability: Machine vision systems are able to adapt to different types of objects and surfaces, making them ideal for a variety of industrial applications.


Machine vision systems are increasingly used in industry for inspection, measurement and object recognition. They offer many advantages, including inspection automation, time savings, cost reduction, superior inspection quality and adaptability. By understanding how machine vision systems work and their benefits, companies can improve efficiency, productivity and production quality.

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DEEP CAPTURE, deep learning machine vision software

Deep Capture is a software package developed by CIM Atlantique that uses deep learning to enhance the potential of machine vision applications. Deep learning uses so-called artificial neurons to teach a machine to solve problems automatically, without human intervention.

Deep Capture is the market leader in image analysis in an industrial environment, with unrivalled performance. It enables us to solve complex inspection problems that are usually beyond the reach of conventional machine vision systems.

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