Machine vision integration and optimization

CIM integrates machine vision modules into your robotic solutions.
machine vision
for optical detection,inspection and sorting to improve the quality and profitability of your production line.

CIM ATLANTIQUE : Machine vision integrator

Reliable, machine vision enables complex industrial tasks to be carried out consistently.

Using Deep Learning

Image analysis based on deep learning combines the specificity and flexibility of human inspection with the reliability and speed of a computer system.

Expertise in machine vision inspection and control

Working with the market’s leading names in this field(COGNEX, KEYENCE, OMRON and SENSOPART), we can meet your most complex requirements.

Adaptive vision

We integrate automated industrial vision systems(vision guided robot), using ” adaptive vision ” technology to guarantee efficient, optimal results.

Autonomous machine vision

These autonomous industrial vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing.

Numerous models, including color and linear-acquisition systems, meet most price and performance requirements.

In-house machine vision testing laboratory

Equipped with an in-house test laboratory, we carry out the various tests and size the required equipment(camera resolution, lenses, lighting, etc.) upstream of each project.

In addition to our ability to develop on different software, our expertise in the field also allows us to determine precisely the lighting that will meet your needs.

Machine vision integration services

CIM adapts perfectly to your needs and standards, and guides your production line towards optimization and performance.

We integrate optical detection, inspection and sorting modules:

  • Checking parts for defects and conformity
  • Dimensional control
  • Search for static or moving product positions
  • Code reading

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